The Food Corporation S.A., CORALSA, is a commercial company with Cuban capital and shareholding in joint ventures dedicated to industrial production and food marketing. It is identified as a Cuban part in businesses with foreign investment in the Food Industry in Cuba. Created in 1995, its fundamental mission is to promote foreign investment and to promote, through the attention of the companies in which it has participation, the achievement of its productive, commercial and financial objectives. With a highly qualified and committed staff, the experience accumulated during these more than two decades has allowed today in the country to have 11 businesses, 9 of them in operations and the same number with direct foreign investment, and two mercantile companies of Cuban capital, that involve the beer, meat, beverage, dairy, confectionery and mill industry. The companies in which it participates as a shareholder are positioned and lead the domestic market, due to the presence and quality of their products, as well as the efficiency that characterizes them. An approximate level of 450 million CUC is billed annually at wholesale prices, with an average profit rate of 20 cents per sale weight. Exports are executed for a value close to one million dollars and the dividends of the corporation range from 70 million CUC. Among its partners, it has prestigious companies internationally, from SMEs to renowned multinationals of different latitudes and characteristics, which show their confidence and the solidity achieved in the joint management of companies. It has a wide and attractive portfolio of projects and business opportunities for foreign investment, which are based on market knowledge and the potential of the industry, as well as its extensive experience in the activity. He shows himself as a solid ally for his business and offers him the guarantee of a great future in Cuba.


To guarantee the accomplishment of the processes and objectives that consolidate the fulfillment of the established policy regarding the economic associations and Cuban mercantile societies in which the entity is a partner.


To constitute a mercantile society of totally Cuban capital, perfected and of national reference in the fulfillment of the annual planning and of the social objects of the associated companies.


OPEN DIALOGUE: Permanent communication with your superiors, subordinates and the rest of your classmates. COMMITMENT: To be committed to the Revolution, and to have a behavior in correspondence with the legal and legal norms, as well as the ethical principles of our society. HONESTY: Act with austerity and honesty in the management of resources; as well as loyalty and sincerity towards the organization and society. INTEGRITY: Be complete, honest and show political and ideological capacity, show culture and always be willing to give everything. PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT: Be professional before work and with the responsibility assumed. SENSE OF BELONGING: Feeling recognized, committed to the results of the work team and the entity. DISCIPLINE: Respect for the values of society and organization, inspiring order and respect for others. CREATIVITY: Permanent willingness to change; creation and development of new and better results.


Nelson Arias Moreno


(+53) 72040807


Oneida Arango Labrada


(+53) 72034873


Luis A. Ortega Soberón


(+53) 72059133


Nancy Alejano D'Meza


(+53) 72059122


The Food Corporation S.A., for the fulfillment of its mission, has a structure that, based on the Presidency, is supported by three Vice Presidencies and 7 addresses, in addition to a Human Resources area, a Computer Group and an Internal Department. The Department of the Presidency is subordinated to the Directorates of Pictures; Legal and Supervision and Control. The Economic Vice Presidency has the Accounting Department and the Human Resources area at your attention. To the Vice Presidency of Market and Technology, the two addresses of the same name are subordinated, in addition to serving the Information Technology Group. Finally, the Vice Presidency of Businesses has subordinates the Business Department, the Internal Department and the Corporate Directors for the attention to companies.


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